Feb 2021 – Growth of the Vehicle Forensic Team at AB Forensics Ltd

Some exciting announcements from AB Forensics Ltd as we add three experts to our Vehicle Forensic Team across Canada, and move into a bigger office/lab space for 2021.

Ken Reed joins as our Calgary based expert in collision reconstruction and BOSCH CDR data interpretation and analysis. Ken has been court qualified 10+ times during his career in the traffic division of Calgary Police Service and is a much sought after expert throughout Alberta.

Rick Ryerse joins as our Ontario based expert in collision reconstruction and BOSCH CDR. Rick recently completed his law enforcement career with Brantford Police Service after 30+years of dedicated service.

Phil Ens joins as our Vancouver based expert in many aspects of vehicle theft, vehicle fraud and vehicle systems. Phil is a well-respected, well-known, court qualified expert in British Columbia and completed an exceptional 30+ years with Vancouver Police Department in 2020.

To support our growing team, we moved into a new office/lab space in Calgary on 01 February, 2021. Our new contact details can be found on the “Contact” page of our website.

Thank you for your support in 2020, and we look forward to providing our expertise to you in 2021.🚗🏎🏍

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